For the next little while, this CopeCareConnect website won't be very active. But, the information posted here is still accurate so take a look around and check out
our resources! For ongoing updates please visit the Brock Student Health Services website at

All Contest/Raffle prize winners will be soon contacted by email.


CopeCareConnect is a student-to-student program that helps students cope with the pressures we all face. The current year's campaign is now complete.

CopeCareConnect has tips, ideas, suggestions, and strategies that students can use to deal with the pressures they face.

If you feel overwhelmed with school, or time pressures, or demands from friends and family, or anything like that, we can suggest ways to deal. If you feel great, we’d really like you to pass on those feelings by reaching out to others and doing random acts of kindness that make everyone feel even better.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be here for you. Share or send something to us!